Apeak Solutions – United Methodist Church Case Study

Apeak Solutions Helps United Methodist Communications Stay on Track

How does a global ministry stay in touch with its membership? For the United Methodist Church, that means spreading the word to over 12 million members worldwide. The United Methodist Communications email marketing team consists of two strategic marketing professionals supported by two additional email marketing specialists.

“It’s hard to believe that these four individuals send out 22 million emails per year,” said Myca Alford, Director of Customer Experience. “Our small team has their hands full and we rely on the marketing technology to fulfill our mission. Every person on the team is extremely busy.”

The team’s high volume of outreach is accomplished using a sophisticated marketing technology stack. At the core is the Pegasystems Enterprise CRM platform where they manage all denominational data requirements. Email communications are powered by Marketo and SMS messaging by Twilio. Operating and managing the technology stack was shared by all of the team members.

Filling a Critical Marketing Technology Skills Gap

When one of their key team members had to take a personal leave, UMC had an urgent requirement to fill the skills gap in a hurry. They needed to find someone with the marketing chops and technical knowledge to support a very sophisticated marketing automation system. UMC turned to Apeak Solutions of Dover, New Hampshire. The marketing technology consulting firm provided the expert support they needed to keep their communications program humming.

“Apeak Solutions provides marketing technology consulting services,” said Greg Corson, Apeak Solutions Managing Partner. “We support Marketo, Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, and other marketing automation and CMS systems with a team of certified experts. We find many businesses and organizations can’t find the full-time talent they need to support their marketing automation campaigns. That’s where we come in. Our experienced consultants provide a great mix of marketing and technology skills.”

Providing Advanced Value-Added Marketing Technology Services

Apeak marketing technology consultants often provide value-added services full-time marketers may not have the time to focus on.

“We use a lot of Marketo features,” said Alford, “but we never had anybody to set up and use some of the more advanced features. Daniel, our Apeak Solutions consultant took over that responsibility without any hesitation. In addition, he helped us set up and integrate our Twilio SMS messaging system, which we did not have the expertise to do ourselves. He did a great job getting our system up and running quickly without any problems.”

Staying compliant with government regulations is an important part of the job for any digital marketing professional. To stay in compliance, the Apeak consultant set up a system to track if website visitors accepted the GDPR notice. That acceptance was tracked in the CRM system for United Methodist customer service representatives to view.

“I would recommend Apeak Solutions,” Alford said. “I didn’t need a full-time person. Having someone 20 hours a week allowed our internal teams to be more strategic as opposed to pushing the buttons within Marketo.”

From Fractional Marketing Automation Support to Full-Service Marketing Department as a Service

Today, many marketing teams are called on to manage an array of marketing technology solutions including marketing automation, CRM, messaging, and content management. Staying up-to-date on changes in the market and new features can take away from their marketing responsibilities. Apeak Solutions provides technology-savvy marketers who can supplement your current team. If you don’t have an in-house team, but want to generate more leads, we would enjoy speaking to you about our marketing department-as-a-service team approach to solving many skills gaps at once.